Issue 3


Featuring: Alex Branco, Aliya Steele, American Football, Angel Du$t, Audits +/- Edits, Austin Ursa, Big Nothing, Camp Cope, Catherine Conner, Charles Newkirk, Chris Muth, Dangerboy, Diet Cig, Doll Skin, Drew Mills, Emily DeHart, Emma Corbin, Evan Dibbs, Galactic Empire, Ghösh, Glitterer, Guerilla Toss, Gouge Away, Hannah Fielo, Holy Pinto, Hot Mulligan, Jamie Langley, Jamie Stow, Jesse Rutherford, Julia Conner, Kayak Jones, Kelli Creutzinger, Laser Background, Lil Ugly Mane, Mandala, Manikineter, Nicholas Cattie, Oceanator, Olive Froman, PUP, Pure Bathing Culture, Rachel DiLouie, Ratboys, Remo Drive, Senia Lopez, Sheer Mag, Show Me the Body, Skylar Watkins, Slow Bullet, Slow Pulp, Take the Mic, The Obsessives, The Writhing Squares, Turnover, Turnstile, UGLY, White Reaper 


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