Sad Punk Press is a print publication focusing on music and culture in a highly digital age. Founded in 2018 by Hannah Fielo and Skylar Watkins, Sad Punk Press aims to revive printed media with something tangible, holding an artistic revolution in your hands. Our goal is to get as many young artists involved in this project, creating a safe, collaborative community for photographers, videographers, illustrators, musicians, and more. 

The heart of our content will be in our print publication, in the hopes of bringing printed media back to life. We will be working with musicians, shooting shows, and conducting interviews. We also want to feature urban culture, such as local businesses, fashion, street, and other aspects of lifestyle and art that our readers are interested in. Sad Punk Press serves as a collective connecting creative professionals with one another across different mediums. In the magazine, we will have print exclusive content, encouraging people to own something physical, as opposed to simply scrolling through a website. While this is one of our goals, we will also have site exclusive content that we are unable to print, such as video work.